We take the privacy of our clients very seriously and feel our discretion is an asset.

Who We Are

Clearview Protective Services is an all-inclusive, boutique security company that provides individualized protection plans and investigations. Our clients include Fortune 500 CEO’s, as well as other high net-worth persons, high profile individuals and their families.

Our History

We take our vetting process extremely seriously and recruit our staff from a variety of backgrounds and fields of expertise, including the finest from military, law enforcement, private sector sources, and the Intelligence community. Clearview agents are committed to providing full force protection with low profile visibility.

Our team

With a myriad of partners around the world, we are able to accommodate our clients’ needs virtually anywhere. Our worldwide connections help us to facilitate intelligence gathering applied in our threat assessments. And our agents are continuously updated on local laws, customs, and actualized regional Intel. Clearview works closely with Federal, State, Local, and Intelligence authorities, such as US Marshal Services, FBI, US Secret Service, DOJ, Sheriff and Police Departments, etc.

We provide ongoing training for our employees to ensure they are up to date with the latest security techniques, systems and countermeasures. In addition, we encourage our agents to continue to develop their skills in ancillary areas. Our well-rounded teams of individuals are trained to react and respond to all manner of situations.